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"Great results, good value, and the work was on time."

--Andrew Eachon, Health Insurance Specialist at ; client

"I hired Mahesh to edit a manuscript which was centered on the details of cellular biology and evolution. It was a very in-depth topic, and I was concerned on whether any editor I might hire could handle the subject matter well. Mahesh did a great job of relieving those concerns when I saw his recommendations. He obviously grasped the topic easily, and gave me numerous improvements in the final work, as well as cleaning up a vast number of typos I had missed. An excellent job."

--Jeff Hammon, author of ; client

"Mahesh did a great job for me while writing my product overview for my campaign. He is personable, professional, highly insightful, and always on-time. I would use him again for any future writing campaigns and I would recommend him to anyone out there looking for a high-quality writer and editor.”

--Dave Mitcheltree, ; client

"Expert, great results, and good value."

--Chinwe Onyeagoro, ; client

"Mahesh, the print ad for the Bravo Wedding Guide is great.  Thank you so much for your help!"

--Arian Adams, Director of Sales, ; client

"Thanks so much for your help on my literature review. I will definitely be in touch after the first of the year."

--Zac Adair, ; client

“Mahesh is very knowledgeable in his field of work. He has helped me in boosting my confidence in my writing by little tweaks here and there. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a refresher in grammar and the English language.”

--Brandy Faist, Corporate Office Manager at Princeton Property Management; client

“Mahesh edited the first 25 pages of my website and made many very good suggestions. He knows how to work with keywords too, which was a bonus. I plan to hire him again! "

--Rick Perry, ; client

"Mahesh, I love it.  Thank you so much for taking my words and making them sound wonderful."

--Bryan Hoybook, ; client

"I really enjoyed working with Mahesh. I knew my existing website needed to be completely redone.  Mahesh took notes while we discussed the changes I wanted, and he wrote the new web content fast.  His services are affordable and the communication was great.  I absolutely love my new site!"   

--Jaya Krupp, Certified Personal Trainer and Chef; client

"Mahesh created excellent content for my website. The content had to meet SEC rules and pass muster with Waddell and Reed's Compliance Department.  He took care of that and exceeded my expectations.  He knocked the cover off the ball!  I'd happily recommend him to anyone."

--Adam Charuhas, Income Planning Specialist with Waddell & Reed; client

"I hired Mahesh to write content for my blog at St. Johns Health Center.  I think he does a fantastic job researching and  writing the topics.  His blog posts have also been valuable in marketing my practice to a wider audience.  I've seen a definite difference in website traffic and new patients.  Mahesh has a strong work ethic, and I am consistently pleased with his work.  I highly recommend him for any kind of content development.  He's great!"

--Dr. Joshua David, St. Johns Health Center; client

Mahesh is an excellent writer who has a real talent for translating conversation and ideas into killer business plans. I highly recommend him.

--Mackenze McAleer, Founding Partner at Panama Travel Group, and Vice President of Sales at Veritas Digital Studios; client

“Mahesh is a creative writer. Someone that can translate a vision into words and craft a message from ideas. He has the unique ability to turn a plan into a business, and that is the art of the start. Mahesh is an authentic professional, a diamond in the rough, and a team asset to any project. I would gladly recommend Mahesh.” 

--Nathan J. Wagner, Chief Executive Officer of PublicMarketspace.com and Creative Refinery; client

“Mahesh brought solid experience and background as a writer/editor to our project. He quickly captured our requirements and produced 1st round content exactly as promised. His flexibility for working within our tight timeline was essential and his results were great. I was pleased with his services and I will reach out to Mahesh for future projects.” 

--Jack Myers, Chief Executive Officer of Semblance Solutions and  Co-Founder of PublicMarketspace.com; client

 “Mahesh has a special gift with language -- but that's not what makes him valuable. His true contribution to anything he touches is his heart. This man will work tirelessly to edit the writing of others, to perfect content of his own creation, or to simply "get it right" for a discerning client. He has the sort of work ethic that his parents' generation would say died long ago. It was a pleasure to work alongside him in business and it is an honor to call him a friend. I'm hard-pressed to think of anyone I would trust more implicitly to truly care about a project -- or to burn the midnight oil to deliver results.” 

--William Dean, Vice President of Operations; former manager

“I'm in awe of Mahesh's work ethic. If given the choice of doing something the right way or a slightly less exacting method, you know he'll always pick perfection. He's extremely pleasurable to work with and future clients will be really lucky to have found him.” 

--Kelly Hinkle, Team Leader and documentarian; former co-worker

“Mahesh is a talented writer with a can-do attitude. He thrives on the challenges of being a freelancer and he has the drive and commitment to make it work. It helps that he's also a positive, friendly person to interact with.”

--JP Satyamurthy, freelance writer; colleague

“Mahesh is a great team player and organizer whose participation in my nonproft fundraising efforts has been essential. I would heartily recommend him as an asset to any business or group who needed help planning or organizing campaigns, marketing, or a general plan.”

--Douglas Lain, novelist and freelance writer; colleague

My Brother, Mahesh Raj Mohan, has decided to strike out on his own as a freelance writer! Please check out his website www.maheshrajmohan.com. If you have an idea, but you're just not sure *how* to word it, he can help you find the perfect words! Are you starting a new business, but you don't know what kind of content to use? Mahesh can help you! His rates are affordable, and a dedication to make sure your words look their best.”
--Reina Mohan, CEO of Mohan Consulting Agency; sister and client