About Starry Starry Arts
(originally appeared on the Starry Starry Arts website)

It all started with a kitchen.

In 1983, Sunita Sitara wanted hand-painted tiles to line the walls of her
newly re-modeled kitchen, but was unable to find the right color or look. So
she decided to paint her own tiles. After a lot of time and research (not to
mention hours upon hours of painstakingly hard work), 350 tiles now brighten
her kitchen.

And so began her life as an artist.

She began making custom tiles for her friends and began taking art courses
at Oklahoma Baptist University. That led to paintings of different feminine
deities, pottery, tapestries, stained glass and handmade clay sculptures.

Sunita bought an old house in Shawnee, and converted it into a gallery.
Then, in November 1999, she once again saw that her surroundings needed a
splash of color. Except her palette had widened far beyond her kitchen walls.

Sunita decided to bring a different kind of gift store to Shawnee, one that
fused local art with gift items from around the world. She named the store
Starry Starry Arts, partly in honor of Vincent Van Gogh's painting "Starry
Night" and as a play on her own last name, which means 'star' in Hindi.

Sunita invited her artist friends to display their work along with her own
pottery, paintings and sculptures.

Today she sells her stoneware pottery along with hand painted Majolica
pottery. All have food safe glazes, of course. Every once in a while she'll
even let loose of one of her Goddess paintings--it's only happened twice so
far! As if all of that wasn't enough ... Sunita also does Feng Shui
consultations. She's a busy little bee!

Most of the people who come to Starry Starry Arts comment on how unique and
peaceful the gift store is. Sunita takes that as a compliment. She hopes you
will come in and experience the magic for yourself.