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Feb 22

Working From Home: Pros and Cons

home office

One of the perks of being a freelance writer (especially in a pedestrian/mass transit friendly place like Portland, Oregon) is the ability to work flexible hours.  At the present time, I work from a home office.   It can be an equitable arrangement, especially since my wife paints her pet portraits from home, too.  I …

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Jan 09


I hope everyone had a great winter holiday, and that 2012 is treating you well so far.   As I mentioned last year, I prefer aspirations to resolutions.  My aspirations this year are basically an extension of last year’s …  grow, read more, and volunteer more. I have one more entry in my “great writing” series:  …

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Dec 22

Freelance Writer: Brand Loyalty, Empathy, and Coffee

I’ve mentioned to friends and family that working as a freelance writer  makes me more understanding of service providers I use.  I have to be the recipient of truly rude and reprehensible customer service to get growly right back. Brand loyalty is earned not just by consistently great service, but when things don’t always go …

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Nov 14

Freelance Writer: My 7×7 Links Post

I was tagged a few weeks again by my friend and freelance writer Natalia Sylvester to participate in the “7 Links Challenge,” which highlights previous blog posts.   And here is the fruit of my, er, labor. Away we go! 1. Most Beautiful Post:  I really like the blog post from February 15, 2010 (my birthday) …

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Oct 03

Freelance Writer: Excellent Website Content

I love writing website content.  It’s challenging and rewarding.  You have to engage people’s interest, and (hopefully) “convert” them into customers … or entice them to return.   For today’s blog post, I want to focus on two websites that engaged me through excellent copywriting, as well as effective visuals and superlative design. (And I have …

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Aug 22

Freelance Writer: Great Writing and Other Topics

I have some fun stuff planned for Fall 2011 at my freelance writer blog. Well, fun for me, anyway!  ;-)  I’ll be highlighting what I think is great writing from my favorite films, books, websites, songs, and other media. I’ll be alternating those posts with what another interest of mine:  good and bad management techniques. …

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Aug 18

Freelance Writer: Travels and Conference

One of the benefits of being a freelance writer is a flexible schedule.  Living near Portland places me far away from my family (immediate, extended, and in-laws).  Visits and travels are part of my yearly plans with my wife Sara.   In May, my in-laws visited us, in June I visited my immediate family in Oklahoma, …

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Jul 21

Freelance Writer: Your Worth

I should clarify something.  In previous blog posts, I’ve said that I started freelancing full-time last year, but it’s more accurate to say that I went back to freelancing.  I’ve been a professional writer/editor since I was 21, and have been sending out my work since I was 16.   So I have experience seeking work, …

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Jul 11

Freelance Writer: Website Content for Doctors

My father was a doctor for more than 35 years.  He never had a website or hired a freelance writer, but he also worked in a different era.  In the 70s and 80s, the Internet was not widely used by the general public, so his pediatrics practice was referral-based.   When he saw my portfolio of …

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Jun 10

Freelance Writer: Published Reviews and Articles

Sorry for the extended blog silence.  I’ve been a busy freelance writer composing reviews for Portland eateries and writing articles, among other projects. Here are some links to recently published work: The Oregonian (India Sweets and Spices; Cheap Eats; June 24, 2011) The Oregonian (Bambuza Vietnam Bistro; Cheap Eats; June 8, 2011) The Oregonian (Biscuits …

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