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Dec 22

Freelance Writer: Brand Loyalty, Empathy, and Coffee

I’ve mentioned to friends and family that working as a freelance writer  makes me more understanding of service providers I use.  I have to be the recipient of truly rude and reprehensible customer service to get growly right back. Brand loyalty is earned not just by consistently great service, but when things don’t always go …

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Dec 02

Freelance Writer: Guest Posting … Again!

I have another guest blog post up for freelance writers (and anyone else) at Emily Suess’s blog.   This time I talk about how intuition can really help you  at the beginning of a project.   And I also link it to Star Wars.   Because, y’know, that’s how I roll.

Nov 14

Freelance Writer: My 7×7 Links Post

I was tagged a few weeks again by my friend and freelance writer Natalia Sylvester to participate in the “7 Links Challenge,” which highlights previous blog posts.   And here is the fruit of my, er, labor. Away we go! 1. Most Beautiful Post:  I really like the blog post from February 15, 2010 (my birthday) …

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Oct 30

Freelance Writer: Television Writing

When I was a kid, I remember writers and commentators refer to television as, “the idiot box.”  And it’s not hard to see why, when you consider the shows that have gotten on the air over the years! Humor is particularly difficult to write.  What one person thinks is funny leaves another person cold.  I …

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Oct 03

Freelance Writer: Excellent Website Content

I love writing website content.  It’s challenging and rewarding.  You have to engage people’s interest, and (hopefully) “convert” them into customers … or entice them to return.   For today’s blog post, I want to focus on two websites that engaged me through excellent copywriting, as well as effective visuals and superlative design. (And I have …

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Sep 15

Freelance Writer: Guest Posting!

I have a guest blog post up for freelance writers at Emily Suess’s blog, as part of her super cool “Writers Week” blogstravaganza!  The effort is pretty extraordinary, and I’m proud to be a part of it.   Check it all out if you have a moment!

Sep 11

September 11th

I had an entire post written about the day 10 years ago, but I’ll save it for another time. This post at the The Brand Builder Blog says it well.

Sep 06

Freelance Writer: Great Screenwriting

© 1992 Warner Bros. Ent. All Rights Reserved

This blog post is the first of several examples of great writing (in my opinion).  As a freelance writer, I wanted to share the kind of writing that inspires me. Today I’m writing about Unforgiven, one of my most favorite films.  It stars Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Gene Hackman, Jaimz Woolvett, Richard Harris, and Frances …

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Aug 25

Post-Dragon Blues

There is a subset of fantasy literature called Big Fat Fantasy (BFF).  Or door-stoppers … because they look like this. My first foray into BFF territory was Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series.  I really enjoyed that series until Jordan created way too many plot, sub-plot, sub-sub-plot, and sub-sub-sub plot threads.  I gave up on …

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Aug 22

Freelance Writer: Great Writing and Other Topics

I have some fun stuff planned for Fall 2011 at my freelance writer blog. Well, fun for me, anyway!  ;-)  I’ll be highlighting what I think is great writing from my favorite films, books, websites, songs, and other media. I’ll be alternating those posts with what another interest of mine:  good and bad management techniques. …

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