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Name: Mahesh Raj Mohan
Date registered: December 6, 2009


I am a versatile writer/editor conversant with numerous industries (particularly healthcare, cleantech, and financial services). I am also an experienced copywriter, and my ads have appeared in print, on the radio, and on television. Several of my articles, interviews, and reviews have been published, most notably by Hugo Award-nominated Strange Horizons. I work hard at finishing projects on-time without sacrificing quality. I always strive to meet the needs of clients, and exceed their expectations. Let me know how I can help you.

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Jun 15

Father’s Day

My father

The last time I spent time with my Dad, before the end, was around June 5, 2011.  He had just recovered from surgery, and I wanted to see him and spend a couple of days with him. We went to Chicago Street Deli in Shawnee, Oklahoma, I took a huge coffee to go.  He drove …

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Jun 14


Whenever I want to type, “last year was challenging,” I always feel the need to write about the year before that for context, because that year was challenging, too.  But then that year requires the previous year for context, and so on.  I have to go back to when my life went from manageable and …

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Apr 28

The First Draft

In the early 1990s, George R.R. Martin (GRRM) called it quits with Hollywood and hunkered down at his home in New Mexico.  He was tired of being told to cut his scripts down, and he wanted to write a sprawling epic that was not constrained by budgets or other meddlesome hands.  He began to write …

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Jan 03

A Tale of Two Blogs

I mentioned in my last post on this blog that I would be moving all topics related to my job as a freelance copywriter and editor to a new blog.  That worked out; I wrote several blog posts on copywriting or editing topics.  But I wanted to also write about the films I saw or …

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Dec 28

New Site/New Year

Happy Almost New Year!  I’ve made some changes to my business. Enlighten Writing is now the home of my freelance writing and editing business.  All of this blog’s posts currently exist at the Enlighten Writing site. So … what to do with this blog?  Honestly, I’m not sure right now.   The site that bears my …

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Jul 09

The Importance of Website Content

Website content is probably the most viewed content today.  And yet, I think it’s often written as an afterthought.  Sometimes website content focuses on over-selling a business, or it doesn’t include enough information about a product.  For example, a client of mine (a Portland-area dentist) told me that my home page didn’t sell my services …

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Apr 24

The Lucky Seven

Although Twitter and Facebook dominate the blogging and sharing spaces in our lives, there is something pretty special about blog memes.   A typical blog meme entails some kind of a list, then you “tag” your friends, ask them to make their own lists, tag more friends, and so on.  I fondly remember a few blog …

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Apr 18

Reaching Your Audience


If you’re a small business owner, reaching your audience can be a challenge.  As a freelance writer, I’ve certainly encountered that dilemma.  I re-started my freelance writing career just over two years ago, in an economic environment that can be challenging.  I think many small business owners can relate.  The economy is improving (my business …

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Mar 15

Brave Little Blogger

Brave Little Blogger Contest

I’m proud to be a prize donor for fellow freelance writer Emily Suess‘ “Brave Little Blogger” contest.   “What is this contest about, Mahesh?”  I’m glad you asked! It’s a free contest for all bloggers.   As Emily says, “it doesn’t matter whether you blog for fun or money … through blogging, we are all given a …

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Mar 03

Small Business Owners and Dave

We're all Dave

If your job title is “freelance writer,” then prospects, clients, friends, and strangers on the street understand your core competency and value.  But it also means you wear all the entrepreneurial hats.  (Some folks call this being a “solopreneur.”) Right now, I outsource my accounting, but I do everything else … sales, project management, accounts …

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